OpenOCD Developer's Guide

Welcome to the OpenOCD Developer's Guide – the developer's resource for learning about the internal architecture of the OpenOCD project.

In addition, this document contains the tactical and strategic plans and processes that have been developed by and for the OpenOCD community.

Developers that want to contribute to OpenOCD should read the following sections before starting work:

  • The List of The List enumerates opportunities for improving or extending the OpenOCD platform. If your ideas are on The List, you might check the mailing list archives to find the status of your feature (or bug).
  • The Style Guides provides rules that developers should follow when writing new code for OpenOCD.
  • The Patch Guidelines provides policies that developers should follow when submitting patches to the project.
  • The Bug Reporting page contains the content of the BUGS file, which provides instructions for submitting bug reports to the maintainers.
  • The Release Processes page describes the project's release process.

OpenOCD Technical Primers provide introductory materials for new developers on various specific topics.

Finally, the OpenOCD Architecture pages explain how the code has been organized into layers of APIs, providing an overview of how they fit together. These pages attempt to give developers a high-level perspective of the various code modules provided by OpenOCD.