OpenOCD Technical Primers

This pages lists Technical Primers available for OpenOCD Developers.

They seek to provide information to pull novices up the learning curves associated with the fundamental technologies used by OpenOCD.

The above documents should bridge any "ancillary" gaps in contributor knowledge, without having to learn the complete languages or technology. They should provide enough information for experienced developers to learn how to make "correct" changes when creating patches.

Beyond the fundamentals, the following primers provide introductory tutorials for OpenOCD's sub-systems. These complement the OpenOCD Architecture pages that provide more high-level perspective on related topics.

In all cases, these Primers should use idiomatic conventions that the community has agreed are the "right way of doing things". In this respect, these documents typically assume some familiarity with the information contained in one or more Style Guides, or they will directly refer to specific style guides as supplemental reading.

Contributions or suggestions for new Technical Primers are welcome.