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OpenOCD Concept Index

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Index Entry  Section

aarch64: Architecture and Core Commands
about: About
adaptive clocking: Debug Adapter Configuration
adaptive clocking: FAQ
ambiqmicro: Flash Commands
apollo: Flash Commands
Architecture Specific Commands: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM semihosting: OpenOCD Project Setup
ARM semihosting: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM semihosting: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM semihosting: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM11: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM7: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM720T: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM9: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM9: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM920T: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM926ej-s: Architecture and Core Commands
ARM966E: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv4: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv5: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv6: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv7: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv8: Architecture and Core Commands
ARMv8-A: Architecture and Core Commands
at91sam3: Flash Commands
at91sam4: Flash Commands
at91sam4l: Flash Commands
at91samd: Flash Commands
ath79: Flash Commands
Atheros ath79 SPI driver: Flash Commands
atsamv: Flash Commands
autoprobe: TAP Declaration

board config file: Config File Guidelines
breakpoint: General Commands
bscan_spi: Flash Commands

CFI: Flash Commands
command line options: Running
commands: General Commands
Common Flash Interface: Flash Commands
config command: Server Configuration
config file, board: Config File Guidelines
config file, interface: Debug Adapter Configuration
config file, overview: OpenOCD Project Setup
config file, target: Config File Guidelines
config file, user: OpenOCD Project Setup
configuration stage: Server Configuration
Connecting to GDB: GDB and OpenOCD
Core Specific Commands: Architecture and Core Commands
Cortex-A: Architecture and Core Commands
Cortex-M: Architecture and Core Commands
Cortex-R: Architecture and Core Commands
CPU type: CPU Configuration
CTI: Architecture and Core Commands

DAP declaration: TAP Declaration
DCC: Architecture and Core Commands
DCC: Architecture and Core Commands
developers: Developers
directory search: Running
disassemble: Architecture and Core Commands
dongles: Debug Adapter Hardware
dotted name: TAP Declaration

ETB: Architecture and Core Commands
ETM: Architecture and Core Commands
ETM: Architecture and Core Commands
event, reset-init: Config File Guidelines
events: Reset Configuration
events: TAP Declaration
events: CPU Configuration

faq: FAQ
Firmware recovery: Utility Commands
flash configuration: Flash Commands
flash erasing: Flash Commands
flash programming: Flash Commands
flash protection: Flash Commands
flash reading: Flash Commands
flash writing: Flash Commands
FTDI: Debug Adapter Hardware

GDB: Server Configuration
GDB: GDB and OpenOCD
GDB configuration: Server Configuration
GDB server: Server Configuration
GDB target: CPU Configuration
Generic JTAG2SPI driver: Flash Commands

halt: General Commands

image dumping: General Commands
image loading: General Commands
initialization: Server Configuration
init_board procedure: Config File Guidelines
init_targets procedure: Config File Guidelines
init_target_events procedure: Config File Guidelines
interface config file: Debug Adapter Configuration
ITM: Architecture and Core Commands

Jim-Tcl: About Jim-Tcl
jrc: TAP Declaration
JTAG: About
JTAG: Debug Adapter Configuration
JTAG autoprobe: TAP Declaration
JTAG Commands: JTAG Commands
JTAG Route Controller: TAP Declaration
jtagspi: Flash Commands

kinetis: Flash Commands
kinetis_ke: Flash Commands

libdcc: Architecture and Core Commands
Linux-ARM DCC support: Architecture and Core Commands
logfile: Running
lpcspifi: Flash Commands

memory access: General Commands
message level: General Commands
mFlash commands: Flash Commands
mFlash Configuration: Flash Commands

NAND: Flash Commands
NAND configuration: Flash Commands
NAND erasing: Flash Commands
NAND other commands: Flash Commands
NAND programming: Flash Commands
NAND programming: Flash Commands
NAND programming: Flash Commands
NAND reading: Flash Commands
NAND verification: Flash Commands
NAND writing: Flash Commands
NXP SPI Flash Interface: Flash Commands

object command: CPU Configuration

PLD: PLD/FPGA Commands
port: Server Configuration
printer port: Debug Adapter Hardware
profiling: General Commands
Programming using GDB: GDB and OpenOCD

RAM testing: Utility Commands
reset: General Commands
Reset Configuration: Reset Configuration
reset-init handler: Config File Guidelines
RPC: Tcl Scripting API
RPC Notifications: Tcl Scripting API
RPC trace output: Tcl Scripting API
RTCK: Debug Adapter Hardware
RTCK: Debug Adapter Configuration
RTOS Support: GDB and OpenOCD

scan chain: TAP Declaration
security: Server Configuration
Serial Peripheral Interface: Debug Adapter Configuration
Serial Vector Format: Boundary Scan Commands
Serial Wire Debug: Debug Adapter Configuration
server: Server Configuration
SMI: Flash Commands
SMP: Config File Guidelines
SMP: GDB and OpenOCD
SPI: Debug Adapter Configuration
SPI: Flash Commands
SPIFI: Flash Commands
STMicroelectronics Serial Memory Interface: Flash Commands
stmsmi: Flash Commands
str9xpec: Flash Commands
SVF: Boundary Scan Commands
SWD: Debug Adapter Configuration
SWO: Architecture and Core Commands
SWV: Architecture and Core Commands

TAP: About
TAP configuration: TAP Declaration
TAP declaration: TAP Declaration
TAP events: TAP Declaration
TAP naming convention: TAP Declaration
TAP state names: JTAG Commands
target config file: Config File Guidelines
target events: CPU Configuration
target initialization: General Commands
target type: CPU Configuration
target, current: CPU Configuration
target, list: CPU Configuration
tcl: About Jim-Tcl
Tcl: Tcl Crash Course
Tcl Scripting API: Tcl Scripting API
Tcl scripts: Tcl Scripting API
TCP port: Server Configuration
TPIU: Architecture and Core Commands
tracing: Architecture and Core Commands
tracing: Architecture and Core Commands
tracing: Architecture and Core Commands
translation: Config File Guidelines
Transport: Debug Adapter Configuration

USB Adapter: Debug Adapter Hardware
user config file: OpenOCD Project Setup
Using GDB as a non-intrusive memory inspector: GDB and OpenOCD
Utility Commands: Utility Commands

variable names: Config File Guidelines
vector_catch: OpenOCD Project Setup
vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
vector_table: Architecture and Core Commands

watchpoint: General Commands
wiggler: Debug Adapter Hardware

xcf: Flash Commands
Xilinx Platform flash driver: Flash Commands
Xilinx Serial Vector Format: Boundary Scan Commands
XScale: Architecture and Core Commands
XSVF: Boundary Scan Commands

zy1000: Debug Adapter Hardware

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