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$cti_name dump: Architecture and Core Commands
$cti_name enable: Architecture and Core Commands
$cti_name read: Architecture and Core Commands
$cti_name testmode: Architecture and Core Commands
$cti_name write: Architecture and Core Commands
$dap_name apcsw: TAP Declaration
$dap_name apid: TAP Declaration
$dap_name apreg: TAP Declaration
$dap_name apsel: TAP Declaration
$dap_name baseaddr: TAP Declaration
$dap_name info: TAP Declaration
$dap_name memaccess: TAP Declaration
$dap_name ti_be_32_quirks: TAP Declaration
$target_name arp_examine: CPU Configuration
$target_name arp_halt: CPU Configuration
$target_name arp_poll: CPU Configuration
$target_name arp_reset: CPU Configuration
$target_name arp_waitstate: CPU Configuration
$target_name array2mem: CPU Configuration
$target_name cget: CPU Configuration
$target_name configure: CPU Configuration
$target_name curstate: CPU Configuration
$target_name eventlist: CPU Configuration
$target_name invoke-event: CPU Configuration
$target_name mdb: CPU Configuration
$target_name mdh: CPU Configuration
$target_name mdw: CPU Configuration
$target_name mem2array: CPU Configuration
$target_name mwb: CPU Configuration
$target_name mwh: CPU Configuration
$target_name mww: CPU Configuration

aarch64 cache_info: Architecture and Core Commands
aarch64 dbginit: Architecture and Core Commands
aarch64 maskisr: Architecture and Core Commands
aarch64 smp_on|smp_off: Architecture and Core Commands
adapter_khz: Debug Adapter Configuration
adapter_name: Debug Adapter Configuration
adapter_nsrst_assert_width: Reset Configuration
adapter_nsrst_delay: Reset Configuration
addreg: Architecture and Core Commands
add_script_search_dir: General Commands
aduc702x: Flash Commands
ambiqmicro: Flash Commands
ambiqmicro mass_erase: Flash Commands
ambiqmicro page_erase: Flash Commands
ambiqmicro program_otp: Flash Commands
amt_jtagaccel: Debug Adapter Configuration
append_file: General Commands
arm core_state: Architecture and Core Commands
arm disassemble: Architecture and Core Commands
arm mcr: Architecture and Core Commands
arm mrc: Architecture and Core Commands
arm reg: Architecture and Core Commands
arm semihosting: Architecture and Core Commands
arm semihosting_cmdline: Architecture and Core Commands
arm semihosting_fileio: Architecture and Core Commands
arm-jtag-ew: Debug Adapter Configuration
arm11 memwrite burst: Architecture and Core Commands
arm11 memwrite error_fatal: Architecture and Core Commands
arm11 step_irq_enable: Architecture and Core Commands
arm11 vcr: Architecture and Core Commands
arm720t cp15: Architecture and Core Commands
arm7_9 dbgrq: Architecture and Core Commands
arm7_9 dcc_downloads: Architecture and Core Commands
arm7_9 fast_memory_access: Architecture and Core Commands
arm9 vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
arm920t cache_info: Architecture and Core Commands
arm920t cp15: Architecture and Core Commands
arm920t cp15i: Architecture and Core Commands
arm920t read_cache: Architecture and Core Commands
arm920t read_mmu: Architecture and Core Commands
arm926ejs cache_info: Architecture and Core Commands
arm966e cp15: Architecture and Core Commands
armjtagew_info: Debug Adapter Configuration
at91rm9200: Debug Adapter Configuration
at91sam3: Flash Commands
at91sam3 gpnvm: Flash Commands
at91sam3 gpnvm clear: Flash Commands
at91sam3 gpnvm set: Flash Commands
at91sam3 gpnvm show: Flash Commands
at91sam3 info: Flash Commands
at91sam3 slowclk: Flash Commands
at91sam4: Flash Commands
at91sam4l: Flash Commands
at91sam4l smap_reset_deassert: Flash Commands
at91sam7: Flash Commands
at91sam7 gpnvm: Flash Commands
at91sam9: Flash Commands
at91sam9 ale: Flash Commands
at91sam9 ce: Flash Commands
at91sam9 cle: Flash Commands
at91sam9 rdy_busy: Flash Commands
at91samd: Flash Commands
at91samd bootloader: Flash Commands
at91samd chip-erase: Flash Commands
at91samd dsu_reset_deassert: Flash Commands
at91samd eeprom: Flash Commands
at91samd nvmuserrow: Flash Commands
at91samd set-security: Flash Commands
ath79: Flash Commands
atsamv: Flash Commands
avr: Flash Commands

bcm2835gpio: Debug Adapter Configuration
bindto: General Commands
bluenrg-x: Flash Commands
bp: General Commands

cache_config l2x: Architecture and Core Commands
cat: General Commands
cfi: Flash Commands
cmsis-dap: Debug Adapter Configuration
cmsis-dap info: Debug Adapter Configuration
cmsis_dap_serial: Debug Adapter Configuration
cmsis_dap_vid_pid: Debug Adapter Configuration
cortex_a cache_info: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a dacrfixup [on|off]: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a dbginit: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a maskisr: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a smp_gdb: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a smp_off: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_a smp_on: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_m maskisr: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_m reset_config: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_m vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_r dbginit: Architecture and Core Commands
cortex_r maskisr: Architecture and Core Commands
cp: General Commands
cti create: Architecture and Core Commands
cti names: Architecture and Core Commands

dap create: TAP Declaration
dap info: TAP Declaration
dap init: TAP Declaration
dap names: TAP Declaration
davinci: Flash Commands
debug_level: General Commands
drscan: JTAG Commands
dummy: Debug Adapter Configuration
dummy: Architecture and Core Commands
dump_image: General Commands
du_select: Architecture and Core Commands

echo: General Commands
efm32: Flash Commands
ep93xx: Debug Adapter Configuration
etb: Architecture and Core Commands
etb config: Architecture and Core Commands
etb trigger_percent: Architecture and Core Commands
etm analyze: Architecture and Core Commands
etm config: Architecture and Core Commands
etm dump: Architecture and Core Commands
etm image: Architecture and Core Commands
etm info: Architecture and Core Commands
etm load: Architecture and Core Commands
etm start: Architecture and Core Commands
etm status: Architecture and Core Commands
etm stop: Architecture and Core Commands
etm tracemode: Architecture and Core Commands
etm trigger_debug: Architecture and Core Commands
etm_dummy config: Architecture and Core Commands
exit: General Commands

fast_load: General Commands
fast_load_image: General Commands
flash bank: Flash Commands
flash banks: Flash Commands
flash erase_address: Flash Commands
flash erase_check: Flash Commands
flash erase_sector: Flash Commands
flash fillb: Flash Commands
flash fillh: Flash Commands
flash fillw: Flash Commands
flash info: Flash Commands
flash list: Flash Commands
flash padded_value: Flash Commands
flash probe: Flash Commands
flash protect: Flash Commands
flash read_bank: Flash Commands
flash verify_bank: Flash Commands
flash write_bank: Flash Commands
flash write_image: Flash Commands
flush_count: JTAG Commands
fm3: Flash Commands
fm4: Flash Commands
ft232r: Debug Adapter Configuration
ft232r_serial_desc: Debug Adapter Configuration
ft232r_vid_pid: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_channel: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_device_desc: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_get_signal: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_layout_init: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_layout_signal: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_location: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_serial: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_set_signal: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_tdo_sample_edge: Debug Adapter Configuration
ftdi_vid_pid: Debug Adapter Configuration

gdb_breakpoint_override: Server Configuration
gdb_flash_program: Server Configuration
gdb_memory_map: Server Configuration
gdb_port: Server Configuration
gdb_report_data_abort: Server Configuration
gdb_report_register_access_error: Server Configuration
gdb_save_tdesc: Server Configuration
gdb_target_description: Server Configuration
gw16012: Debug Adapter Configuration

halt: General Commands
help: General Commands
hla: Debug Adapter Configuration
hla_command: Debug Adapter Configuration
hla_device_desc: Debug Adapter Configuration
hla_layout: Debug Adapter Configuration
hla_serial: Debug Adapter Configuration
hla_vid_pid: Debug Adapter Configuration

imx_gpio: Debug Adapter Configuration
init: Server Configuration
init_reset: Reset Configuration
interface: Debug Adapter Configuration
interface transports: Debug Adapter Configuration
interface_list: Debug Adapter Configuration
ip: General Commands
irscan: JTAG Commands
itm port: Architecture and Core Commands
itm ports: Architecture and Core Commands

jlink: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config ip: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config mac: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config reset: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config targetpower: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config usb: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink config write: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink emucom read <channel> <length>: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink emucom write <channel> <data>: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink freemem: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink hwstatus: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink jtag: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink serial: Debug Adapter Configuration
jlink usb: Debug Adapter Configuration
jtag arp_init: Reset Configuration
jtag arp_init-reset: Reset Configuration
jtag cget: TAP Declaration
jtag configure: TAP Declaration
jtag names: TAP Declaration
jtag newtap: TAP Declaration
jtag tapdisable: TAP Declaration
jtag tapenable: TAP Declaration
jtag tapisenabled: TAP Declaration
jtagspi: Flash Commands
jtag_init: Server Configuration
jtag_ntrst_assert_width: Reset Configuration
jtag_ntrst_delay: Reset Configuration
jtag_rclk: Debug Adapter Configuration
jtag_reset: JTAG Commands

kinetis: Flash Commands
kinetis create_banks: Flash Commands
kinetis disable_wdog: Flash Commands
kinetis fcf_source: Flash Commands
kinetis fopt: Flash Commands
kinetis mdm check_security: Flash Commands
kinetis mdm halt: Flash Commands
kinetis mdm mass_erase: Flash Commands
kinetis mdm reset: Flash Commands
kinetis nvm_partition: Flash Commands
kinetis_ke: Flash Commands
kinetis_ke disable_wdog: Flash Commands
kinetis_ke mdm check_security: Flash Commands
kinetis_ke mdm mass_erase: Flash Commands
kitprog: Debug Adapter Configuration
kitprog acquire_psoc: Debug Adapter Configuration
kitprog info: Debug Adapter Configuration
kitprog_init_acquire_psoc: Debug Adapter Configuration
kitprog_serial: Debug Adapter Configuration

load_image: General Commands
log_output: General Commands
lpc2000: Flash Commands
lpc2000 part_id: Flash Commands
lpc288x: Flash Commands
lpc2900: Flash Commands
lpc2900 password: Flash Commands
lpc2900 read_custom: Flash Commands
lpc2900 secure_jtag: Flash Commands
lpc2900 secure_sector: Flash Commands
lpc2900 signature: Flash Commands
lpc2900 write_custom: Flash Commands
lpc3180: Flash Commands
lpc3180 select: Flash Commands
lpcspifi: Flash Commands
ls: General Commands

mac: General Commands
mdb: General Commands
mdh: General Commands
mdr: Flash Commands
mdw: General Commands
meminfo: General Commands
memTestAddressBus: Utility Commands
memTestDataBus: Utility Commands
memTestDevice: Utility Commands
mflash bank: Flash Commands
mflash config boot: Flash Commands
mflash config pll: Flash Commands
mflash config storage: Flash Commands
mflash dump: Flash Commands
mflash probe: Flash Commands
mflash write: Flash Commands
mrvlqspi: Flash Commands
mwb: General Commands
mwh: General Commands
mww: General Commands
mx3: Flash Commands
mxc: Flash Commands
mxc biswap: Flash Commands

nand check_bad_blocks: Flash Commands
nand device: Flash Commands
nand dump: Flash Commands
nand erase: Flash Commands
nand info: Flash Commands
nand list: Flash Commands
nand probe: Flash Commands
nand raw_access: Flash Commands
nand verify: Flash Commands
nand write: Flash Commands
niietcm4: Flash Commands
niietcm4 bflash_info_remap: Flash Commands
niietcm4 driver_info: Flash Commands
niietcm4 extmem_cfg: Flash Commands
niietcm4 service_mode_erase: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_erase: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_full_erase: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_protect: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_protect_check: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_read_byte: Flash Commands
niietcm4 uflash_write_byte: Flash Commands
nrf5: Flash Commands
nrf5 mass_erase: Flash Commands

ocl: Flash Commands
oocd_trace: Architecture and Core Commands
oocd_trace config: Architecture and Core Commands
oocd_trace resync: Architecture and Core Commands
oocd_trace status: Architecture and Core Commands
opendous: Debug Adapter Configuration
openjtag: Debug Adapter Configuration
openjtag_device_desc: Debug Adapter Configuration
openjtag_variant: Debug Adapter Configuration
orion: Flash Commands

parport: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_cable: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_port: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_port: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_port: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_toggling_time: Debug Adapter Configuration
parport_write_on_exit: Debug Adapter Configuration
pathmove: JTAG Commands
peek: General Commands
pic32mx: Flash Commands
pic32mx pgm_word: Flash Commands
pic32mx unlock: Flash Commands
pld device: PLD/FPGA Commands
pld devices: PLD/FPGA Commands
pld load: PLD/FPGA Commands
poke: General Commands
poll: Server Configuration
power: Debug Adapter Configuration
presto: Debug Adapter Configuration
presto_serial: Debug Adapter Configuration
profile: General Commands
program: Flash Commands
psoc4: Flash Commands
psoc4 flash_autoerase: Flash Commands
psoc4 mass_erase: Flash Commands
psoc6: Flash Commands
psoc6 mass_erase: Flash Commands
psoc6 reset_halt: Flash Commands

rbp: General Commands
readgroup: Architecture and Core Commands
reg: General Commands
remote_bitbang: Debug Adapter Configuration
remote_bitbang_host: Debug Adapter Configuration
remote_bitbang_port: Debug Adapter Configuration
reset: General Commands
reset halt: General Commands
reset init: General Commands
reset run: General Commands
reset_config: Reset Configuration
resume: General Commands
rlink: Debug Adapter Configuration
rm: General Commands
rtck: Debug Adapter Configuration
runAllMemTests: Utility Commands
runtest: JTAG Commands
rwp: General Commands

s3c2410: Flash Commands
s3c2412: Flash Commands
s3c2440: Flash Commands
s3c2443: Flash Commands
s3c6400: Flash Commands
scan_chain: TAP Declaration
shutdown: General Commands
sim3x: Flash Commands
sim3x lock: Flash Commands
sim3x mass_erase: Flash Commands
sleep: General Commands
soft_reset_halt: General Commands
stellaris: Flash Commands
stellaris recover: Flash Commands
step: General Commands
stm32f1x: Flash Commands
stm32f1x lock: Flash Commands
stm32f1x mass_erase: Flash Commands
stm32f1x options_read: Flash Commands
stm32f1x options_write: Flash Commands
stm32f1x unlock: Flash Commands
stm32f2x: Flash Commands
stm32f2x lock: Flash Commands
stm32f2x mass_erase: Flash Commands
stm32f2x optcr2_write: Flash Commands
stm32f2x options_read: Flash Commands
stm32f2x options_write: Flash Commands
stm32f2x unlock: Flash Commands
stm32h7x: Flash Commands
stm32h7x lock: Flash Commands
stm32h7x mass_erase: Flash Commands
stm32h7x unlock: Flash Commands
stm32l4x: Flash Commands
stm32l4x lock: Flash Commands
stm32l4x mass_erase: Flash Commands
stm32l4x unlock: Flash Commands
stm32lx: Flash Commands
stm32lx lock: Flash Commands
stm32lx mass_erase: Flash Commands
stm32lx unlock: Flash Commands
stmsmi: Flash Commands
str7x: Flash Commands
str7x disable_jtag: Flash Commands
str9x: Flash Commands
str9x flash_config: Flash Commands
str9xpec: Flash Commands
str9xpec disable_turbo: Flash Commands
str9xpec enable_turbo: Flash Commands
str9xpec lock: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_cmap: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_lvdsel: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_lvdthd: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_lvdwarn: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_read: Flash Commands
str9xpec options_write: Flash Commands
str9xpec part_id: Flash Commands
str9xpec unlock: Flash Commands
svf: Boundary Scan Commands
swd newdap: Debug Adapter Configuration
swd wcr trn prescale: Debug Adapter Configuration

tap_select: Architecture and Core Commands
target create: CPU Configuration
target current: CPU Configuration
target names: CPU Configuration
target types: CPU Configuration
targets: CPU Configuration
target_request debugmsgs: Architecture and Core Commands
tcl_notifications: Tcl Scripting API
tcl_port: Server Configuration
tcl_trace: Tcl Scripting API
telnet_port: Server Configuration
test_image: General Commands
tms470: Flash Commands
tms470 flash_keyset: Flash Commands
tms470 osc_mhz: Flash Commands
tms470 plldis: Flash Commands
tpiu config: Architecture and Core Commands
trace history: Architecture and Core Commands
trace point: Architecture and Core Commands
transport list: Debug Adapter Configuration
transport select: Debug Adapter Configuration
trunc: General Commands

ulink: Debug Adapter Configuration
usbprog: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster_device_desc: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster_firmware: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster_lowlevel_driver: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster_pin: Debug Adapter Configuration
usb_blaster_vid_pid: Debug Adapter Configuration

verify_image: General Commands
verify_image_checksum: General Commands
verify_ircapture: JTAG Commands
verify_jtag: JTAG Commands
version: General Commands
virt2phys: General Commands
virtex2: PLD/FPGA Commands
virtex2 read_stat: PLD/FPGA Commands
virtual: Flash Commands
vsllink: Debug Adapter Configuration

wait_halt: General Commands
wp: General Commands

x86_32 idb: Architecture and Core Commands
x86_32 idh: Architecture and Core Commands
x86_32 idw: Architecture and Core Commands
x86_32 iwb: Architecture and Core Commands
x86_32 iwh: Architecture and Core Commands
x86_32 iww: Architecture and Core Commands
xcf: Flash Commands
xcf ccb: Flash Commands
xcf configure: Flash Commands
xmc1xxx: Flash Commands
xmc4xxx: Flash Commands
xmc4xxx flash_password: Flash Commands
xmc4xxx flash_unprotect: Flash Commands
xscale analyze_trace: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale cache_clean_address: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale cache_info: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale cp15: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale dcache: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale debug_handler: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale dump_trace: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale icache: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale mmu: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale trace_buffer: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale trace_image: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale vector_catch: Architecture and Core Commands
xscale vector_table: Architecture and Core Commands
xsvf: Boundary Scan Commands

ZY1000: Debug Adapter Configuration

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