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 NAND_DEVICE_COMMAND_HANDLER (s3c2410_nand_device_command)
static int s3c2410_init (struct nand_device *nand)
static int s3c2410_nand_ready (struct nand_device *nand, int timeout)
static int s3c2410_read_data (struct nand_device *nand, void *data)
static int s3c2410_write_data (struct nand_device *nand, uint16_t data)


struct nand_flash_controller s3c2410_nand_controller

Function Documentation

static int s3c2410_init ( struct nand_device nand)
static int s3c2410_nand_ready ( struct nand_device nand,
int  timeout 
static int s3c2410_read_data ( struct nand_device nand,
void *  data 
static int s3c2410_write_data ( struct nand_device nand,
uint16_t  data 

Variable Documentation

struct nand_flash_controller s3c2410_nand_controller
Initial value:
= {
.name = "s3c2410",
.nand_device_command = &s3c2410_nand_device_command,
.init = &s3c2410_init,
.reset = &s3c24xx_reset,
.command = &s3c24xx_command,
.address = &s3c24xx_address,
.write_data = &s3c2410_write_data,
.read_data = &s3c2410_read_data,
.write_page = s3c24xx_write_page,
.read_page = s3c24xx_read_page,
.nand_ready = &s3c2410_nand_ready,
int s3c24xx_reset(struct nand_device *nand)
Definition: s3c24xx.c:48
int s3c24xx_command(struct nand_device *nand, uint8_t command)
Definition: s3c24xx.c:63
#define s3c24xx_write_page
Definition: s3c24xx.h:66
static int s3c2410_nand_ready(struct nand_device *nand, int timeout)
Definition: s3c2410.c:82
static int s3c2410_write_data(struct nand_device *nand, uint16_t data)
Definition: s3c2410.c:56
#define s3c24xx_read_page
Definition: s3c24xx.h:67
static int s3c2410_read_data(struct nand_device *nand, void *data)
Definition: s3c2410.c:69
int s3c24xx_address(struct nand_device *nand, uint8_t address)
Definition: s3c24xx.c:77
static int s3c2410_init(struct nand_device *nand)
Definition: s3c2410.c:45

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