Supported JTAG interfaces

Lots of hardware debuggers use or work with OpenOCD in some fashion. See the documentation for information about configuring a particular hardware debugger.

Not all debuggers that work with or use OpenOCD are listed in the documentation.

OpenOCD does not favour a particular hardware debugger. All quality patches are committed as a rule, unless they somehow conflict with the proper function of other devices.

Note that if your hardware debugger does not work properly with the latest version of OpenOCD, that can be because the code has suffered “bit rot” for that particular debugger.

If nobody tests and submits patches for your hardware debugger, then OpenOCD may not work with it. You can then either contact the company that sold it to you or roll up your sleeves and get the problem fixed. If you provide high quality bug reports and post them to OpenOCD development mailing list, then chances are that your problem will be looked at.

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