Donations can be given to OpenOCD to help fund future development, this includes keeping our build server running and purchasing new target hardware.

If you wish to Donate, then for those with a SourceForge account:

Support This Project

and for those without, you can donate directly via PayPal:

We have also received many hardware donations from various individuals/companies:

Amontec – (Laurent Gauch): JTAGkey, JTAGkey-Tiny, JTAGkey2, JTAGkey2P and a Chameleon POD.
Olimex – (Tsvetan Usunov): ARM-JTAG (Wiggler), ARM-USB-OCD, ARM-USB-OCD-H, CS-EP9301 board, SAM7-EX256 board and a SAM9-L9260 board..
Signalyzer – (Oleg Seiljus): Signalyzer.
KoPoG Bt. Р(G̩za Piros): LPC-H2294 board.
Spencer Oliver – Hitex STR912 Evalboard Anglia.
Andrew Dyer – MX-1 Board w/ Spansion Flash.
ASIX – (Pavel Chromy): ASIX PRESTO.
Egnite – (Harald Kipp): Ethernut Starterkit 3.0.
Luminary – Various Cortex-M based boards.
Atmel – Various ARM based boards.
Energy Micro – Various Cortex-M based boards.
NXP – Various ARM based boards.
mbed – Various mbed based boards.
ST – Various ARM based boards.
Intel – Intel Galileo boards.

Many Thanks for any support you can give to the OpenOCD project.

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