OpenOCD, the Open On-Chip Debugger has been created by Dominic Rath as part of a diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences, FH-Augsburg. For other material presented on this site, see the respective notes of authorship.

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One Response to “About”

  1. James P. Lynch says:

    Good afternoon, Dominic.

    I gather you have had a look at my tutorial "ARM Cross Development with Eclipse".

    I would be very interested in replacing the Macraigor OCDRemote part with your open-source utility.

    Do you have any executables built for Windows XP? That would be certainly more convenient than building them under the cygwin bash shell.

    If I could get your debugger to work, I’d replace the OCDRemote stuff in a heartbeat.

    Olimex tells me that my tutorial is downloaded 1100 times a day. If we could include your OpenOCD work in it, it would give your work plenty of coverage.

    I admired your thesis and hope the Professor gave you an A.

    Jim Lynch