Simplified OpenOCD Infrastructure

The OpenOCD project has retired those BerliOS web site services that received insufficient attention from developers:

  • Bug Tracker and Bug Dependency List, Support, Forums, Patch Manager, and Feature Requests: post to the mailing list
  • Screenshots: such content can be moved to our web pages
  • Doc Manager: we provide access to our Doxygen HTML
  • Donations: this appears to be a “WONT FIX” with BerliOS

These steps simplify the OpenOCD infrastructure considerably, leaving the following services hosted on their systems:

  • Mailing Lists
  • File Releases
  • WordPress (you are here)
  • Subversion (legacy only)

The mailing list is the most reliable medium for reporting bug and feature requests to the project developers and maintainers, so we hope this action will improve the experience for all members of our community.

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