OpenOCD 0.3.0-rc

OpenOCD has released its first -rc packages for testing: 0.3.0-rc0.
This version has been tagged in Git as ‘v0.3.0-rc0′.

By posting these packages on SourceForge and BerliOS, we hope users will test them and report problems to this list, so the final 0.3.0 release do not have lingering issues that must be resolved with a quick 0.3.1.

Please download these packages from one of our mirrors and let us know what you think. Unless we hear reports of problems, this may be the only -rc release before we tag the final 0.3.0 and branch 0.4.0-dev.

Please take this opportunity to mention any outstanding issues, or send a work of thanks to the folks that contributed to release. Thanks!

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