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OpenOCD 0.3.0-rc

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

OpenOCD has released its first -rc packages for testing: 0.3.0-rc0.
This version has been tagged in Git as ‘v0.3.0-rc0′.

By posting these packages on SourceForge and BerliOS, we hope users will test them and report problems to this list, so the final 0.3.0 release do not have lingering issues that must be resolved with a quick 0.3.1.

Please download these packages from one of our mirrors and let us know what you think. Unless we hear reports of problems, this may be the only -rc release before we tag the final 0.3.0 and branch 0.4.0-dev.

Please take this opportunity to mention any outstanding issues, or send a work of thanks to the folks that contributed to release. Thanks!

Simplified OpenOCD Infrastructure

Friday, October 9th, 2009

The OpenOCD project has retired those BerliOS web site services that received insufficient attention from developers:

  • Bug Tracker and Bug Dependency List, Support, Forums, Patch Manager, and Feature Requests: post to the mailing list
  • Screenshots: such content can be moved to our web pages
  • Doc Manager: we provide access to our Doxygen HTML
  • Donations: this appears to be a “WONT FIX” with BerliOS

These steps simplify the OpenOCD infrastructure considerably, leaving the following services hosted on their systems:

  • Mailing Lists
  • File Releases
  • WordPress (you are here)
  • Subversion (legacy only)

The mailing list is the most reliable medium for reporting bug and feature requests to the project developers and maintainers, so we hope this action will improve the experience for all members of our community.

OpenOCD Switches from BerliOS SVN to GIT

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

After a recent BerliOS service outage, the OpenOCD maintainers decided to switch the project version control system from Subversion to GIT.  Development now proceeds in the GIT tree on, which was created initially for the purpose of mirroring the Subversion tree. This change was made effective around 6:00pm PST on Oct 07, 2009, and this move should improve the availability of our repository. In addition to the main GIT tree on, we have created an official mirror on for users behind firewalls.

The site now also provides copies of the source archives through their mirror network. Additional services may be deployed there in the future, so stay tuned for more news.