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Loooooooooooooong time, no news

Monday, February 11th, 2008

It’s been over a year since I last posted to the OpenOCD website, but my posting frequency is by no means an indication of OpenOCD development activity. The mailinglist shows 184 posts for January ’08, and we’ve already reached 87 messages within the first 11 days of februrary. The Windows binaries available from Michael Fischer were downloaded 1907 times during January. This number doesn’t include those using one of the packages available for various Linux distributions or the SVN checkouts used by users who compile the OpenOCD themselves. Thanks a lot to all OpenOCD users!

With this posting I primarily want to thank those people that keep the OpenOCD alive while I’m busy with other things.

Michael Fischer does an amazing job keeping up with all the patches that get posted on the OpenOCD mailinglist, getting new Windows binaries out on his Yagarto page, and testing all that new stuff on the boards and programmers he has access to. Thanks a lot Michael!

Øyvind Harboe is responsible for a huge number of patches aiming to make the OpenOCD more useable and stable. He fixed numerous bugs in the past, and made the OpenOCD a lot more portable to smaller, embedded hosts. Thanks a lot Øyvind!

Spencer Oliver has been an active supporter for a long time and keeps submitting patches all the time. Last but not least he catches the numerous times were I forget to “svn add” new files that come with a patch. Thanks a lot Spen!

This list is certainly not comprehensive, so thanks a lot to all who I’ve missed, too! All patches and suggestions are highly appreciated, even if you don’t get an immediate answer.

The best of way of getting patches integrated is sending them to the OpenOCD mailinglist, see for instructions on how to subscribe.
The mailing list archive is available from that URL, too, so feel free to browse the past months to get an impression of the OpenOCD’s development progress.

Best regards,

Dominic Rath