OpenOCD forum moved, and some updates

The forum system at Berlios is a bit unhandy to use – at least when you’re used to the features offered by other systems. Tsvetan from Olimex has been kind enough to ask Sparkfun to host the OpenOCD forum, and they’ve just set up a new section at their forum. Thanks to both Tsvetan and Sparkfun. The new place to ask for help with OpenOCD, to discuss new features you’d like to have, or just to let everyone know what you think about OpenOCD is

The support for Intel XScale based devices is coming along nicely. So far uploading the debug handler, entry into debug, core register handling and memory access works. Working with the XScale requires the ability to identify some ARM instructions, to be able to calculate the next address that’s going to be executed. I decided to add a complete disassembler to the OpenOCD, which is now (trunk, revision 68) available from the telnet interface:

> armv4_5 disassemble 0x0 11
0x00000000 0xe59ff018 LDR r15, [r15, #0x18]
0x00000004 0xe59ff018 LDR r15, [r15, #0x18]
0x00000008 0xe59ff018 LDR r15, [r15, #0x18]
0x0000000c 0xe59ff018 LDR r15, [r15, #0x18]
0x00000010 0xe59ff018 LDR r15, [r15, #0x18]
0x00000014 0xb9205f84 STMLTDB r0!, {r2, r7, r8, r9, r10, r11, r12, r14}
0x00000018 0xe51ffff0 LDR r15, [r15, #-0xff0]
0x0000001c 0xe59ff014 LDR r15, [r15, #0x14]

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