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Spring Tiredness…

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Seems there is no (common) english word or phrase to express the german “Fruehjahrsmuedigkeit” – but that’s just what I felt the last week or so. Luckily that doesn’t mean that the OpenOCD remained unattended. I’ve fixed a few minor bugs (added others, but those got fixed, too), added the one thing or the other, and merged some patches people sent me.

Improvements include:

  • Support for ST Microelectronics STR7xx on-chip flash programming (Thanks to Spen).
  • Configurable driver type (push-pull or open-drain) for the reset signals. The Amontec devices and the USBJTAG-1 already support this, other designs should follow. Default is push-pull for TRST and open-drain for SRST (as implemented on most Wigglers).
  • A configuration command (working_area) has been added to specify a working area that’s used by the OpenOCD to speed up memory downloads and flash programming.

I’d like to thank Jim Lynch for his excellent tutorial “ARM Cross Development with Eclipse”. There’s an updated draft version available at megaupload (ATTENTION: Some people reported advertisments that are not suitable for viewing at work) which shows how to use the OpenOCD. The package (190mb) includes all necessary software (Eclipse, Zylin tools, GNUarm, OpenOCD, …).

Michael Fischer (mifi) has put a very nice site online explaining how to get a GNU development system (using OpenOCD as the debugger) running on Windows without having to install Cygwin (which seems to cause trouble for some people). He also wrote an installer for the OpenOCD, allowing very easy evaluation of the OpenOCD. Thanks a lot to Michael.