CFI Flash support

Support for CFI compliant flashes has been added to OpenOCD. Currently, only flashes compatible with the Intel command sets (0×0001 and 0×0003) are supported. Flash writing is possible both using memory writes (slow) and using flash writing code running on the target (faster). Using the Amontec JTAG Accelerator, about 30 kByte/s can be flashed. The CFI flash code has been tested with an Intel 28F640J3 and an Intel TE28F320C3, both in x16 configuration on a 16-bit bus, but support is included for any combination of up to 32-bit busses.

2 Responses to “CFI Flash support”

  1. branek says:


    I am newbee in JTAG debuging, so I want to ask one question…
    Is it possible to program External flash connected to LPC2292 with OpenOCD via wiggler interface.

    If it is possible what I should install among OpenOCD packet!


  2. Administrator says:


    if it’s cfi compatible flash using the Intel commandset it should work. You don’t have to install anything else. Just add a line to the configuration file specifying the external flash:
    flash bank cfi 0×80000000 0×400000 2 2 0 0×40000000 0×4000

    The above line configures OpenOCD to use the external flash on my Olimex H2294 board, with a single 16-bit wide 4MB Intel flash located at chipselect 0. The flash writing algorithm uses 16kb of on-chip internal sram located at 0×40000000 to accelerate flash writing.