Long time, no news

Been a while since I last posted to this blog, but a lot has happened since then. The new codebase I’ve been working on is feature-complete, and most problems have been solved. What’s really needed is improved usability – especially the telnet interface is tailored to debugging the debugger, and not so much its use.

What this new version supports:
- ARM7TDMI (including -S)
- Wiggler, FTDI2232C and Amontec JTAG Accelerator (not yet released)
- Telnet interface
- GDB interface
- multiple targets (in theory)
- multiple devices in a JTAG scan chain (tested)

What’s still missing
- MMU support. This is in the ‘old’ codebase, and has to be ported
- Flash support. For Intel Strataflash this is in the ‘old’ codebase, and has to be ported

Anyway, thought it’s about time I give a short update. E-Mail me to get access to my private CVS development branch.

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